Ryan Erasmus

I’m Ryan Erasmus, I live in sunny Australia with my beautiful and much more intelligent wife and two boys who amaze me on a daily basis. I’m a regular guy who has become a successful professional by learning the power of self development and the value of financial management and how the application of these two concepts in daily activities can generate a hugely positive lifestyle experience.

You can do the same – you just have to be interested and you just have to do it!

During my professional career I brought it upon myself to engage in tertiary activities that would support my worklife and my personal curiosity in business and finance. I originally started in business management and after attaining the highest possible achievement from a technical colleague I specialised in finance on a postgraduate university level. It was through enrollment in finance a light was switched on. Not only was the field as fascinating as it was diverse, I quickly realised the personal potential for this new found knowledge. Exposure to investing methods and valuations, the time value of money and how control of personal finances could build wealth well beyond that of conventional means (normal 9-5 work) has driven me to this point in my life today.

Why eFinancial Management was created

I was never taught the value of budgeting and financial control. I wish I had. I remember walking into a wealth management firm at the age of 18 and walking straight back out again. Oh, how things could have been so much different if I only saw the future potential of this knowledge. Instead, my younger years were full of unrestrained spending and little thought about whether I could afford the excessive lifestyle or for that matter when to stop. Nothing was off the table and all on credit! I was taking on excessive debt and the worst kind, using debt to pay debt, something that is not recommended. It’s like pouring fuel on the fire! I eventually reached a turning point in my life where I needed to assess the situation or a risk my debts spiraling to a level which I wouldn’t be able to recover from easily. As my priorities shifted, so did my attitude towards budgeting and spending and through some self-evaluation and simple logic I was able to formulate a simple plan which resulted in me becoming debt free.

In addition to my personal experiences with debt I have witnessed firsthand the impact it can have on family and friends. I have witnessed the financial train-wreck with close family members and it’s heartbreaking to see. No thought to budgeting, no thought to financial planning and no security in the future. Houses, businesses, cars – all up for sale. Why? It doesn’t have to be that way. Accountability and some simple financial control and planning can mitigate so much of the current and future risk. These circumstances emphasise my thoughts that solid financial knowledge is fundamental in current and future security and prosperity.

I’m not here to show you specifically the how, my purpose here is to be your inspiration and motivationto get you thinking about it all. My aim is to provide a resource, a foundation of knowledge and the necessary tools for you to make informed financial management decisions.

My Vision:

  1. create something finance driven that was both original and fun!
  2. encourage and empower everyone in controlling their finances
  3. educate you in the area of financial discipline so you can have a better future
  4. simplify the daunting and complex nature of financial management into something practical and useful

What eFinancial Management is not

I must declare and be as transparent as possible here, at present I am not a registered financial adviser in Australia. In Australia, anyone offering personalised advice on financial products must hold a Financial Services License. As I do not hold this license, the information presented on this site is considered factual or generalised and I would recommend you contact a registered financial adviser if you would like to pursue personalised advice.

Tips Interviewing


Tips Interviewing

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