Financial Books

principles of managerial financePrinciples of Managerial Finance by Gitman, Juchau and Flanagan – This is the go to resource I used to get the detail on financial management. It’s very comprehensive and not too heavy on the details. Not really bed time reading but, very useful for a quick reference when you are unsure.



the intelligent investor

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham – This was one of the first books I read on investing and is considered a top 10 investment read of all time. The book is profound in investment circles as well as my mind. Ben’s teachings are practical and sensible and advocate long term approaches rather than the high speculation / risky strategies that some teachers of investment preach.


common sense on mutual fundsCommon Sense on Mutual Funds by John C Bogle – The founder of the Vanguard Group, one of the largest mutual funds in the world, John C Bogle advocates the strength behind simplicity and parking your money in low cost index funds for very long time horizons. A heavy read but, the take home message is simple. Costs matter! If you want to know the ins and outs of fund investing then this is where to start.


how to make money in stocksHow to Make Money in Stocks by William O’Neil – Most of the investment books I have read promote sound long term investment strategies, this book swings the pendulum to the other side and it’s a lot of fun! The principle of this book rides more on speculation but, the investment strategies are founded on sound historical research of past winning common stocks and make for a compelling argument to the commonly adopted investing mantra. I would recommend reading this but, only after you have read either The Intelligent Investor or Common Sense on Mutual Funds so that you are a full bottle.


Personal Development Books

the 4-hour workweekThe 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss – This book is mind expanding and thought provoking! Timothy is revolutionary in his approach to life and he brings a lot of practical suggestions to the table that will make you question your entire existence. This was the book that prompted me to develop this site, that’s how powerful it is! Probably the No.1 recommended read from this list.


the e-myth revisited by michael e. gerberThe E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber – This is an outstanding piece that runs parallel to the 4-Hour Work Week a lot of the time. Like the 4-Hour Work Week, it teaches about automation not just in business but, in life. Michael is very insightful and like all the greats he is an engaging and interesting story-teller. The book highlights the need to think more like an Entrepreneur and less like a Technician, to work on life and not just in life. He elaborates on the creation of a “franchise” approach to life in the way that the key to success is to create something that can be systematic and repeatable by anyone, so that you can eventually pass on the reins and focus on doing what you want in life.


the magic of thinking big by david schartzThe Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz – Positive thinking and a visionary approach are the two main teachings of this book. Another highly recommended resource, this book does well to restructure your mind and your natural thought process. David expands to say that external factors aren’t the reason we don’t achieve what we set out to do in life, we are! We are too concerned in failure and waiting for that elusive perfect moment that we miss the real opportunities available to us. Think positive and you will work out a way to achieve what you want, think negative and you will automatically close of your mind to the possibilities.