passive income - how you can supplement your income

In the spirit of financial empowerment, it is only natural that I should share what I have learned and come to know as Passive Income Ideas. Knowledge in this area could prove to be a very effective means to rebalancing your financial position and even swing the pendulum in the direction of significant earnings. In my view, this trending topic is defined as the ability to generate income through any means that doesn’t require your direct involvement in the activity. With the dawn of the internet revolution, the possibilities are pretty much endless, with the only limitation really being your creativity and personal drive.

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It can be as simple as registering a domain, enlisting a hosting company, picking a website theme and then just start unloading all that beautiful content bursting at the seams in your head. After that, there are a few well documented ways to monetize the process; 1) advertising, 2) affiliates and 3) products and services.

passive income - my working example

As mentioned there are numerous examples and avenues to explore in the passive income arena. You may choose to find and resell another businesses tangible products, you may want to try your hand at creating something tangible yourself like clothing or you may want to market something like information or services. Either way, there isn’t one more recommended over the other, it just depends on your preferences. One such example of someone starting a tangible product business was my wife and her choice to explore the creation of a niche sewing business. Her business (Sew-on-Trend), like many, was born from a need. Frustrated at the droll and limited clothing options, she made the decision to design and produce her own using intelligent and practical techniques and modest material suppliers. The result has been a range of women’s clothing on par with the up-market clothing stores and all at a fraction of the price. Through her social media vehicles, she created a following of likeminded individuals and since then she has not only been building a revenue producing business but, also inspiring others to do the same through her posts and education.


The birth of eFinancial Management

For me, the creation of something tangible like clothing wasn’t an economical possibility as I would have to learn and then master it. For me, my specialties were business and finance and my interests were technology. The lightbulb moment was to combine these three interests and form this website.

So where did I start?

registering my domain

Domain. What is that? That isn’t a silly question for someone who is new to the internet or even website development. A domain is the website address you enter into the internet explorer browser. It’s like the street address for your physical house. For example, Facebook’s domain is, in my case it’s

domain address for efinancial management

How did I get one? It was really easy and I did it in 5 minutes at a cost of around $25 a year from a hosting company called Bluehost. They have a really fluid and easy process for domain name checking and hosting registration.

To make it easy for you (and for a bit of fun in just checking available names) I have included a Bluehost domain checker widget.

bluehost domain checker

selecting my hosting company

My next step was to host my new domain somewhere. What does this mean? Using the street address analogy, if the domain name is the street address, then the hosting provider would be the physical house that all your belongings (website material) reside in. These hosting companies have extensive capabilities (servers) to store all your website material. Like registering the domain name it’s a fast and simple process and will set you back around $75-150 a year. As mentioned in the earlier point, Bluehost has a really fluid processing system so once I selected the domain it automatically presented me with hosting subscription options.

This two-step process, as mentioned took me all of 5 minutes!

5 minutes

More on Bluehost;

bluehost company
I’ve used a few hosting companies and my recommendation is Bluehost. You’ll find the pricing is very competitive, options currently start at $3.95 a month compared to $10.95 offered with other providers. On top of this, the service and the user interface is a cut above the rest. They had a really fast response time to some issues I encountered in setting up WordPress, the Control Panel is clean and vibrant and they have 1-step WordPress installation.

Click here if you want an EXCLUSIVE EFINANCIAL MANAGEMENT DEAL at $3.95/month for a new domain and hosting account

bluehost control panel

installing wordpress

Once I had selected the domain name and signed for hosting with Bluehost it took me automatically to the Control Panel. Already having awareness of WordPress I installed the platform to my new domain address by clicking two buttons, 1) the Install WordPress Icon and 2) Install. The system took care of the rest, in 5 minutes the installation was complete and I was presented with the administrative login credentials.

What is WordPress? Just like a painter needs the canvas, paintbrushes and the paint, you’ll need tools to create your website. There are a few options in the development scope but, there is one that is recognized as the Gold Standard and that is WordPress. It’s like the iPhone of the website development world in the way that it’s well documented and supported by the majority of developers. This development platform is what I used to create these pages and add the content.

Total time so far, 10 minutes.

10 minutes

selecting my themes and plugins

After logging into my new site, the next step was to select a theme. WordPress comes with a lot of themes! Many of them are free and then there are the paid variety. For most users the free versions are more than adequate and I started with one called Fashionista. I ran with it for about 30 days before I wanted more in terms of visual pow and features, so I bought this one for around $60 from the team at mythemeshop.


This theme is called Point Pro. Mythemeshop have a lot of other cool themes to view too so be sure to have a look if you are considering themes. I’m particular in my taste so initially I spent around 30 minutes trying some different themes on but, you could easily settle for one and have it installed in 2-5 minutes.

There are a few almost mandatory plugins to be installed with a fresh setup.

What is a plugin? Plugins are like Apps for your smartphone. They are additional software features for the WordPress base platform and there are tens of thousands of them. They can do anything from add buttons to ramp up your website ranking.

The one’s that come highly recommended are:

all in one seo packAll in One SEO Pack – This plugin will help search engines find information on your site. The plugin overrides all the standard WordPress settings for you blog title, tagline etc.


google xml sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps – This plugin works by allowing Google’s bots to crawl your site and index in their system properly


page builder by siteorigin Page Builder by SiteOrigin – This plugin is a really useful tool in designed your pages and arranging content. You can set the layout and then add widgets (types of applications eg. buttons, forms, sliders, images etc)


Total time so far, 45 minutes.

45 minutes

adding my content

The final stage in the set up process was adding new pages and posts from the WordPress platform and uploading my content. WordPress has reels of in-program help information on all of this so be sure to read more there.

new page

And there you have it. My new passive income stream setup and all in under 60 minutes and an investment less than $100 per year. Obviously, I have only spoken about the setup and there are volumes of work remaining to get it to the point it stands at now but, it serves to demonstrate that anyone can get a passive income idea off the ground in little time with little effort.

There is one last subject to cover or this couldn’t really be called a blog about passive income; how I have and will monetize my website and not only recoup my investment but, turn a profit!

monetising my website

From my investigation there were 3 common avenues to generating income from a new website initiative. As this website is only 68 days old from the time of writing this I am still yet to implement all options but, I’ll discuss what I have done and what can be done.

monetise option 1 - my advertising

Comparable to the story of the three little pigs and the house of straw; easy to setup but, not a high return in relation to the other two options.

There are a few sub-options within this category and I will cover two; one I have already actioned and the other I will action in time.

google adsense

Google Adsense

This was a simple case of completing an application from Google Adsense. Once the application was in, the team at Google visited my site and poked around.
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I was successful in the Google examination and within 5 working days I was presented through email with an Adsense account and Ad options. This allowed me to include Ads on my site from Google for relevant businesses prepared to pay for advertising space. For example, ANZ bank pays Google to place their Ad on my site in the space I designate, Google then pays me when someone clicks on the ANZ bank Ad.

So far click payments have ranged from $0.05-4.00 depending on the Ad. Depending on the amount of traffic I can generate there is definitely some money to be made. I have seen reports of sites generating $1500+ a month from this option.

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External Advertising

I am yet to action this option but, it would essentially work in the same manner as Google Ads by selling space on my site to relevant businesses. Proof of traffic will be the key in deal brokering and I need to build a more solid following.

monetise option 2 - my affiliates

What are affiliates? In a soft sense they are your business partners. You will have a mutual connection through a product they offer you. Normally, you will need the product or a service from them regardless of this affiliate relationship but, through the wonderful strategic nature of business they are prepared to offer a small commission each time you refer a prospective customer onto them who goes on to sign up. If you believe the product to be superior and you would be confident in recommending it to others in normal conversation why not get paid for it.

This is probably the least known but, most profitable option on the list. Commissions range from $65-150 for a single successful conversion. Some blog sites report astronomical figures of $40,000 a month just from this option alone!

Affiliate providers are plenty; they range from hosting companies to theme developers to product manufacturers so once you find a superior product enquire into whether or not they have an affiliate program too.

In the development of this site I have come across two such products that I believe in enough to recommend which have affiliate programs:
bluehost company

Bluehost. Every time someone visits Bluehost from one of my unique links and then goes on to sign up I get a $65 commission. It’s a legitimate way to generate a sizable passive income.

If you are thinking about starting the website venture and you need a hosting account share some of the love and click through from my link rather than go direct.

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Mythemeshop. When you click my referral link and sign up between next 60 days for an account and purchases a Theme/Plugin or a Membership, I will receive 70% of your first purchase price. Eg, if you purchase a $69 theme, I get $48.30.

If you like my theme or another one from mythemeshop’s selection it would support my family to click through again from my link rather than go direct.

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monetise option 3 - my paid products and or services

The final passive income option I came across in my research was the most obvious, to offer the public a paid product and/or service. This can be one of your own initiative or simply acting as a reseller for any number of existing businesses out there.

Personal products and/or services

For me, there is an option to offer personalized financial planning services. However, as mentioned throughout this site I do not hold the necessary license according to Australian regulations. This is something I’m currently working on but, at this point in time I would need to pass your details onto a few professional contacts I have in this area.

Earlier in this post I touched on my wife’s passive income interest, Sew-on-Trend. This is a perfect example of someone offering you a paid personal product or service. Currently, through her social media sites (Instagram and Facebook) she offers products (women’s clothing) and in time, services (training sessions).

Other businesses products (acting as a reseller)

This isn’t of a particular interest to me at this point in time but, there is the option to include an e-commerce feature to the site and function as a reseller of financial material (eg. Books). The book retailing sector is saturated so I would need a unique angle and then evaluate it.

For other people, there are a whole host of options in this direction! There are literally millions of businesses in the world offering resale options or who be open to it if you presented a solid case.

Of all the options presented here, I would consider this the hardest to realise a good profit. Not to say it can’t be done, with research and careful selection of a niche market you could find a highly profitable business. However, this is the most commonly known of business models and probably requires the least amount of work on your part which means every man and his dog are already either thinking about it or already in it. We all want a fast dollar it seems! A high market saturation means low profit margins and a lot of work with clever market positioning. Even then, you’ll need capital to acquire the goods and a good measure of luck to get the sales ball rolling.

Before starting this site, I spent considerable time researching this particular option and I came to the conclusion that starting an online product resale business wouldn’t be the most effective way market samuraito generate a passive income. I could have gotten the business up and running in short order but, it would have become very difficult after that. On the other hand, starting an information based website did seem like a good angle. The information was unique to me but, there would be a lot more work in the setup. My only mistake may have been in my subject selection. Through the use of analysis tools such as Market Samurai, there are over 12,000,000 websites offering financial management!

final comments

Passive income ideas can come from a host of options and isn’t confined to an exclusive few, it’s open to anyone who wishes to explore and action the concept. In a world where living expenses can increase at rates faster than the convention wage it’s in our personal interest discover alternative ways to supplement our incomes.

Hopefully, by reading this blog I have sparked your interest to probe a little deeper into the subject and aid in setting you on your path to achieving a better life.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your own passive income stream!